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Author Junction is a question and answer site free and open to everyone. You have access to the full archive of existing questions and answers without even bothering to register. Anyone can ask questions! And, the best part is that the people who are giving answers are not just anyone but a published expert. A person who has published a book, filed a patent, published an article/whitepaper etc.

Connect with Experts

An author brings more to the table than just a good book, patent or article! These folks are often leaders in their field, industry, or topic of interest. You can use to connect with Authors directly. You can book them as a speaker to give your audience education and insight to the topics of their book or about their field. You can setup alerts to get notified whenever an author or your favorite author is attending a book signing or another event near you. Or, you can even start a dialog to hire them for phone consultations, Projects, or Exploratory Discussions.

Engage with Readers

You can use AuthorJunction to share your work with millions of readers, answer questions/earn rewards, sell e-books/articles. You can update all your social networks in one step. You get your own URL that is like your personal destination, or home, on the Web. You can personalize it so that people will have an easy-to-remember way to find you. You also earn reward points for answering questions.